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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Yanina Boldyreva

From 591 Photography Blog: Twice One Artist's Statement: The project reflects my vision of consciousness of the person who is in a condition of mental bifurcation. We often feel one thing and we declare another. We try to lay our person in frameworks and representations which are created for us by a society. [Read more...]

Photos from the
Twice One essay are displayed in the 591 Photography Blog gallery as well as (more attractively presented) on her website.

Yanina was interviewed for the Satellite Voices websiteIn my head there are always a lot of different ideas related to countless fields of visual art. Some ideas are brought to life in a moment, some may take a while, others become irrelevant. Implementation of ideas depends on the complexity of execution, availability of time and effort. Inspiration comes from anywhere. It is not included into things or actions, but rather in ways of perception and analysis of reality. The ability to see the ideas and sift for the most interesting ones... [Read more...]

See also photos from her essay Equation with Unknown Quantities on the site copypaste culture.

Yanina's website reveals a kaleidoscopic visual wit; when viewing her recent essay Nonsens, I felt I was looking at the work of a proto-Koudelka. In addition to the overtly conceptual Twice One essay, her other essays display exceptional graphic instinct, which, with their contemplative underpinnings, convert everyday personal and environmental realities into often forceful and abstract art.

I have no doubt that time will solidify her work and reputation.
 (Viewing her website, I almost drowned in the quantity of images, however, which I felt might be edited down a bit, so that people don't stop at the point of being overwhelmed by quantity.)

Photos © Yanina Boldyreva, from the essays Twice One and Nonsens.

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