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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Luigi Ghirri: 'It's beautiful here, isn't it...'

I've recently been entranced by Luigi Ghirri's book It's beautiful here, isn't it...

There is a discussion and several examples of Ghirri's work in the blog The Year in Pictures; more of his images can be seen on the Zero1 Magazine site.

From the publisher, Aperture
Luigi Ghirri was an extraordinary photographer, as well as a writer whose career was so rich and varied that it seems like a lesson in the contemporary history of the medium. Although well-known in his native Italy, Ghirri does not yet have the international audience his work merits - perhaps because he died so young. It's Beautiful Here, Isn't It - the first book published on Ghirri in the U.S.- will establish him as the seminal artist he was. Uncannily prescient, Ghirri shared the sensibility of what became known in the U.S. as the New Color and the New Topographics movements before they had even been named. Like his counterparts in Italian cinema, Ghirri believed the local and the universal were inseparable, and that life's polarities - love and hate, present and past - were equally compelling. [Read more...]

The video below is from book's
Aperture page.

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