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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Erik Johansson: Impossible Photography

Arms break, vases don't © Eric Johannson
Erik Johansson is a Swedish surrealist photographer based in Germany. 

From Eric Johansson's website: At the age of 15 I got my first digital camera which opened up a new world. Being used to drawing it felt quite strange to be done after capturing a photo, it wasn't the process of creating something in the same way. Having an interest in computers made it a quite natural step to start playing around with the photos and creating something that you couldn't capture with the camera ....

Deep Cuts © Eric Johansson
Today I work with both personal and commissioned projects, in 2011 I also started doing street illusions and in 2012 I plan to move on to motion pictures as well as starting with a book project. In November 2011 I spoke at the TED conference in London about my images. I've been working with clients such as Google, Microsoft and IKEA. But the personal work and concepts will always be what's most important. Growing up on the Swedish countryside had a big impact on my visual style. A lot of the environments in my photos are captured near places I know, around my parents' home with wide open landscapes and small red houses. Inspiration is everywhere and this is just the beginning. [Read more...] [View portfolio]

In 2011 he gave a TED Talk:

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