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Friday, January 6, 2012

Rafal Milach: Black Sea of Concrete

Rafal Milach is a documentary photographer based in Warsaw, Poland. His Black Sea of Concrete essay hosted by the FlakPhoto website, examines the relationship between humankind and the sea of the Ukraine Black Sea coast.

From Rafal Milach's statement: 
'The first thing you notice by the sea is the concrete. Kilometers of grey blocks sometimes painted with blue and yellow, the national colors of Ukraine. You can feel the soviet past at once. It looks surreal and it doesn’t match the beautiful landscape that surrounds you. Industrial zones and the iron waste by the sea don’t remind harmonic idyll between nature and man. People have changed the landscape in a very brutal way here. But the sea fights back for its natural shape and territory.'  [Read more ...]

The video, which is part slide show and part interviews, very effectively conveys the atmosphere of a place half a world away, which few of us will visit, and is well worth watching. [Watch video]


  1. second picture seems like it caught the typical communistic era...these damn buildings! is full of them in eastern Europe..
    but he did a nice picture anyway.

  2. Thanks for the comment. I've not visited Eastern Europe (though I studied Soviet Politics at university), but I chose that one as it encapsulates my perception of Eastern Bloc architecture.